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Please sign our petition to support more funding for the growing needs of family caregivers!


Please support the California Caregiver Resource Centers request to the Governor, and the Assembly and Senate Budget committees to increase funding this year to:

  • Expand and strengthen community partnerships with underserved communities

  • Deliver culturally appropriate services to under-served groups

  • Update caregiver support program and expand respite grants to families.


This request directly supports Caregiver Resource Center OC in locally implementing the California Master Plan for Aging goals of:

  • Inclusion and Equity, Not isolation - through targeted diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), framework programs.

  • Caregiving That Works - by increasing education and training on direct care and care coordination.

  • Health Reimagined – through partnerships and special projects with health care and public health.

  • Affording Aging – by providing respite, legal and financial planning information, and linkage to community services.


Click here to sign our petition!

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